Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Funny Stuff

Today was a relatively rough day in the Death household. I woke up with a terrible cold and have felt awful all day. Emma also has been feeling bad, but not bad enough to be sweet and cuddly....oh no, just bad enough to be completely rotten and whiny.

So here is our conversation around lunchtime....

Me: Emma, why have you been disobedient today? Do you want to keep gettin in trouble?
Emma: Okay, Mom, I will stop being naughty.
Me: How are you going to do that?
Emma: There....I pushed my "good button" (as she pokes herself in the bum and makes a sizzle sound).

Well....that should solve it!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. A large dose of NyQuil and a good night's sleep (hopefully) are in my immediate future.

Love & Prayers.....

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Funny Stuff

One of the things I love most about having children is the funny things they say. I have enjoyed many "kid"-isms over the past 7 years, and now that Mackenzie is 2 and talking up a storm, I am sure there will be many more!

Recently, Logan had a project for school. He had to pick a historical black figure and write 5 interview questions/answers and create a poster and timeline of this figure's life. Many of his friends chose Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan and other popular sports and entertainment icons (although strangely no one chose Tiger Woods, hmmmm....). But Logan chose Colin Powell....LOVE THAT KID! Here is how the conversation went...

Logan: Mom, did you know that he is a 4-Star General in the Army! That is so cool!
Me: you know what is even COOLER than that? He was the Secretary of State!
Logan: Mom, being a general is way cooler than being a secretary, duh!

I stand corrected.

So, since Logan did such a super job on his Black History Project, he gets to go out to dinner with Dad at the restaurant of his choice. Logan's choice for dinner tonight is Vito's Italian Restaurant...not because he loves Italian (because usually he would rather steak or ribs), but because he is in love with the owner's daughter, Francesca. Francesca is in his class at school and is full-blooded Italian. She has had a crush on Logan since the beginning of the year, but he has recently started referring to her as his "girlfriend"....seriously, my kid has a girlfriend? I am waaaay to young for this!

We have recently purchased an iTouch, because we needed one more electronic mobile device in our home (we are now up to 3 cell phones and 3 computers and now the iTouch). So Logan and I have had fun uploading and listening to music including the song "Tik Tok" by Kesha (no, I have not yet turned into the stereotypical mom who listens to easy-listening music all day!). In the song there is a reference to Mick Jagger of the Rolling here is the conversation I had with Logan...

Logan: what's a "Mick Jagger" you get it at McDonald's like a mcnugget?
Me: He's a singer in a band
Logan: what band?
Me: The Rolling Stones
Logan: who are they?
Me: nevermind

So a few more funnies from my sweet baby, Mackenzie...
Whenever we turn the TV off, she clearly asks "what happened?" then proceeds to find the "mote" (Kenzie for "remote") and tell me to "fix it"!

My personal favorite is when she comes to tell me that either Logan or Emma "farted". Farting is big in our house....and we are all very well-informed when anyone has farted (not that the smell wouldn't alert us...and the entire neighborhood!).

I love kids and the funny, sweet things they say. Enjoy your kids and all of the wonder and joy they bring to life!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So this past weekend was perhaps one of the best since we have moved to Carolina. My BFF, Liz & her whole family (hubby, Nick & 2 boys, Max & Sam) came to visit and we had a SPECTACULAR weekend! Liz is one of those friends that I can always count on, she is more like a sister to me...especially since I do not have any siblings! Even after living over 250 miles apart for over a year, it was like we still lived down the street. Being with her, and her family, is just easy.

On Saturday I hosted a "My Thirty-One" party that was a great success. Love the products and prices! Who doesn't love a great, inexpensive, embroidered handbag or fabulous organizing tote! Sunday we celbrated Mackenzie's 2nd Birthday (only 3 weeks late!) was so special having Liz and her family here for that. We had a wonderful time with close friends and family and enjoyed a FABULOUS cake from Maxie B's Bakery. The kids played like they always have, like they have not been apart for the last 4 was amazing!

So I am writing tonight as a reminder to all those who have loved ones who live far away...don't lose touch! True friendship is a rare and beautiful treasure that should be guarded and cared for very carefully. I love you Schuster are a wonderful gift!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010



So today was day 3 of school closed due to weather and me trying to work from home. Let's just say calling it chaotic would be an understatement! Fortunately, Rick (super-husband & dad that he is), was brave enough to take all 3 of our kids, plus one of Logan's friends, to Pump-it-Up to bounce this afternoon. This had 2 fabulous benefits for me...quiet time to work and super-tired kids that went to bed early!

So...back to my purpose in writing tonight. I have felt myself moving farther and farther from God's path these last couple of weeks. I feel entirely scattered and unable to focus on anything. So tonight, as I was laying in bed with both Logan and Emma snoring next to me, I prayed. I prayed for God's forgiveness and grace. I prayed that He would direct me back onto the path He has laid out for me and settle my fragmented thoughts and feelings. I also committed making time for Him daily, and making it my #1 priority. I committed to making my husband my #2 priority as well.

Lately, Rick and I have been...well, not so very pleasant to one another. We haven't really fought or argued, but there has been an underlying tension in our home...probably as a result of lack of sleep, his new work schedule, and a little cabin fever to top it all off. As I was praying tonight, I realized that I have not been making Rick my #2 priority. Namely because I have not been making God my #1 priority. It is amazing how when one part of my life gets out of "whack", the rest of my life soon follows suit.

I have been feeling sad and lonely and hurt by Rick's actions...he tends to be a bit like a bear woken up early from hibernation when he is overtired. And I probably have a right to feel that some extent. But I realized tonight that I am letting his actions determine my actions and response. I am reacting in a negative manner to his negative behavior, which makes for a very negative vibe in our house!

So I am asking for God's grace and committing to show a little grace of my own. I desire a stronger, more affectionate, and more loving relationship with my husband...and I am going to do everything in my power to make that happen. Hopefully, with positive reactions and plenty of prayer, I can change the vibe of our home.

Love & Prayers....

Monday, February 1, 2010



So I thought I would share a little more about my day-to-day personal life and the daily challenges I encounter. My husband, Rick, recently started working the evening shift at his job so he leaves right about dinner time and is gone until 2 a.m. 5 days a week. This new schedule has its challenges, but also has some benefits for me. I get some personal time with the kids every night that I was lacking before and I also get some personal time (although maybe a little too much) for me.

Lately, I have been tempted (and have given into the temptation) to spend this free time watching TV or playing on the computer. Definitely not the best use of my time. I desperately need to finish my Bible study on Titus 2:3-5 (, or I could at least be reading my Bible or catching up on the e-mail devotionals that I am 2 weeks behind on! But, every now and then, I just enjoy some plain old relaxation. Time spent without having to think or process anything.

I have recently been challenged at work, feeling that I don't have an impact and am not doing my job very well. As a consultant, it's hard to measure success, since I am basically paid for my opinion and cannot force anyone to actually heed my advice (hmmm....kind of like having children!).

So today, the kids were out of school and I worked from home...REALLY stressful! Every 5 minutes, "Mom, can I do this" or "Mom, can I have that". Plus, I had a lot of intense work to get done today and was not entirely happy with the progress made. On top of is cancelled again tomorrow, so it promises to be a repeat of today! I think I am going to get smart about it and take the afternoon off tomorrow!

Mackenzie has definitely gotten a jump on the "terrible twos"! She is just as rotten, and cute, as she can be. She has lots of words and likes to use them all.

Logan is becoming quite a young man and has definitely moved from little boy into big stinky boy stage! He loves to play outdoors with his airsoft gun and loves sports...especially bull-riding and motocross!

Emma is quite the diva in our house. At 4-years old she is convinced that she is the center of the universe and the sun and moon set just for her! She likes to talk on her Hannah Montana cell phone to her many many friends and play with her dolls. She is the only child I know with not just an imaginary friend, but an imaginary entourage!

So that is all I have to say tonight. Stay tuned for more play-by-play action in the Death household!