Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So this past weekend was perhaps one of the best since we have moved to Carolina. My BFF, Liz & her whole family (hubby, Nick & 2 boys, Max & Sam) came to visit and we had a SPECTACULAR weekend! Liz is one of those friends that I can always count on, she is more like a sister to me...especially since I do not have any siblings! Even after living over 250 miles apart for over a year, it was like we still lived down the street. Being with her, and her family, is just easy.

On Saturday I hosted a "My Thirty-One" party that was a great success. Love the products and prices! Who doesn't love a great, inexpensive, embroidered handbag or fabulous organizing tote! Sunday we celbrated Mackenzie's 2nd Birthday (only 3 weeks late!)....it was so special having Liz and her family here for that. We had a wonderful time with close friends and family and enjoyed a FABULOUS cake from Maxie B's Bakery. The kids played like they always have, like they have not been apart for the last 4 months...it was amazing!

So I am writing tonight as a reminder to all those who have loved ones who live far away...don't lose touch! True friendship is a rare and beautiful treasure that should be guarded and cared for very carefully. I love you Schuster family....you are a wonderful gift!

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