Monday, May 11, 2009



I want to give a little insight into one of the many reasons I started this blog. About 3 years ago, I was considering having gastric bypass surgery. I felt if I could just get a jump-start on losing the weight, that I could keep it off. I consulted with my doctor and she referred me to a seminar run by a group of bariatric surgeons. My husband and I went to the seminar and when it was over I was ready to go, I was going to have the surgery and be done with this weight problem forever! One piece of information from that seminar has stuck in my memory for over 3 years....they said that less than 1% of people who lose weight by diet and exercise are successful in keeping it off long term. I thought, well why bother to try the traditional method when you are doomed to fail anyways?

Then, I found out my insurance did not cover weight loss surgery, or any weight loss intervention for that matter. My hopes of ever losing weight were dashed forever. I was destined to be one of the 99% that would ride the weight loss/gain roller-coaster for the rest of my life. I certainly did not have $38k to pay privately for the surgery (although I considered mortgaging my house for the money).

That was the beginning of my "giving up". Anytime I would be encouraged to eat healthier, join a gym, exercise more, etc., a little voice in my head would say "why bother, 1% is pretty long odds". Now I know that voice was Satan. Keeping me from even trying to succeed and certainly keeping me from taking my request to the One who ALWAYS succeeds!

But now I have come to a decision. I can be the 1%, and even if I do ride the roller-coaster for a while, at least I will be trying! I may not have long-term success (20 years or more, by the way, is what the statistic considered long term), but I may not live 20 more years, so then what would that matter?

Don't let statistics box you in, they are often skewed to serve the purpose of the person or organization reporting them. God doesn't operate on statistics, and neither should we.

So here I am, I have done some things right this past weekend and some things wrong. I haven't had any fast food (save the 1 salad on Saturday), I have not had more than 1 diet soda per day, but I have not drunk enough water and I had a brownie tonight (which I don't necessarily think is a failure...but more on that some other time). I have not exercised formally, but I did clean the house from top to bottom and chase 3 kids around all weekend, which should count for something. Most importantly, I am communicating with God and reading His word and finding strength in that. And that may be the most important acheivement of all.

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