Saturday, May 9, 2009


5/9/09 today has been challenging. Started off good...I was up early, cleaned the kitchen, steamed the floors, folded the laundry, even cleaned the baseboards and chair rails. Keeping my "resolutions" is harder than I thought. I did pretty good for breakfast, had 2 small (silver dollar) pancakes (homemade) with just a tiny bit of syrup and some fresh strawberries for breakfast. We were out at lunchtime with 4 kids (ours plus Logan's friend, Adam) which necessitated lunch at a fast food restaurant. I did okay, with a chicken taco salad from Taco Bell with no dressing and I didn't eat the shell. I REALLY wanted a cheeseburger, though......ugh!

The plan is to have grilled chicken for dinner tonight and take a walk when it cools off some.....stay tuned!

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