Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Loose Teeth & Potty Training

"The time has come" the walrus said "to talk of many things...."

-Lewis Caroll (Alice in Wonderland)

I suppose everything does come in time, but some things I am just not ready for. Like Emma (my 4-year old) having her first loose tooth and Mackenzie (my 2-year old) wanting to use the potty.

It seems like just yesterday that Liz was pulling Logan's first loose tooth. He wouldn't let Mommy do it, but Ms. Liz can do anything! Now Emma has her first! She wanted to know if we could have Liz come back and pull hers too...I told her 5 hours was a little far to drive for a tooth pulling, but we could go visit them soon to which she replied "Then I will just keep my tooth until we go there." Okay then. There ya have it!

Also, going on in our house today is Mackenzie's new obsession with the bathroom. Now both Logan and Emma were 3 before they really potty trained and were well over 2 before they even showed minimal interest. But apparently Kenzie is in the fast lane to potty-land! Guess we will be purchasing an itty bitty potty this week (since she does not like falling into the big potty!).

I know it sounds terrible, but I was hoping for a few more months before she decided to tackle this particular milestone. Potty training is the final mile marker that you are forever leaving baby-land and entering toddler-ville, full of sippy cups, temper tantrums, and lots and lots of new words. I don't think I am quite ready to leave lullabies, rocking to sleep, bottles, and diapers in my past.....hmmm, stay tuned!

So, just one more reminder today. Remember to be grateful for the beautiful gifts our children are. Even though they wake us up by playing trampoline on our stomach or they unroll the toilet paper all over the house, or put stickers on the furniture...they are wonderful, beautiful blessings from God.

Love & Prayers...

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