Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This past weekend (March 13-15, 2010), Rick and I spent the weekend together (without the kids-thanks Mom!) in a cabin in the mountains of Western NC. It was amazing and challenging and wonderful.

I could tell you that all we did was enjoy each other and have one romantic moment after another, but that would not be an accurate depiction of our weekend together. Sometimes it is challenging for a husband and wife to be alone together when they are used to the chaos of life with 3 children. Don't get me wrong-we love each other very much and trust me, this weekend had it's share of romantic moments. But we did have our share of disagreement as well...mainly due to unrealistic expectations and assumptions and lack of communication.

But all is now resolved and well and our marriage is better for it. We left the cabin very different people than when we got there. We spent time making decisions that will change our lives...decisions on the health and nutrition of our family, division of labor in our home, and several other "hot topics" in our relationship. We managed to talk without interruption about all kinds of things...our goals, desires, what we want for our family and each other in the future.

I learned that a "romantic getaway weekend" when you are 31 & 33 and the parents of 3 young children is very different than a "romantic getaway weekend" when you are in your early 20s and newlyweds!

I am so blessed to have had this time with my husband and to be able to reconnect with him, and connect in new ways that I never even imagined.

Love & Prayers...

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