Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Super Soccer Mom

Most Moms know that with the warm spring breezes comes SOCCER SEASON! We skipped soccer last year because we had just moved and did not know of a local league for Logan to play in. But this year we have signed up both Logan and Emma with Upward at Lawndale Baptist.

I will be honest, even when Rick & I both worked full time, he did most of the soccer stuff with Logan. He did practices and I stayed home with the girls. We did Saturday games together, most of the time, but if Emma or Kenzie was not "game ready"...I always stayed home. But now that Rick is working nights, it is all me. Today was my first "challenge"...get home, change, finish homework, pack up, go to soccer sign ups, pick up dinner, feed kids, bathe kids, put kids to bed, pick up, get ready for tomorrow. Phew! I am exhausted....and invigorated. I feel more alive and involved than I have in many months.

No longer am I the "corporate mom"...sitting on the sidelines on my Blackberry, e-mailing and texting, working late or out of town. Our current situation has forced me to make some very important and life-changing decisions. Thanks to my faith in God and much prayer, I have started making the right decisions when it comes to my children. I am determined not only to be involved in soccer, but every aspect of their lives.

So now I am a consultant for Thirty-One selling personalized, customized handbags and totes, taking the kids to soccer, organizing the Easter Egg Hunt at church and working full-time...and I love every minute.

Don't misunderstand, this is not a "go me" blog. Trust me, I am the last person to think I do anything special. I know that thousands of moms everywhere (probably the ones reading this) do this stuff every day and have for years. But I have not. I have been content to let Rick take the primary role in raising our children in the past...but NO MORE! I may (and probably will) fall flat on my face a dozen times over the next few weeks. I will probably want to give up, quit, and just lay on the couch and veg, but I hope that my faith will keep me going and God and my friends and family will remind me why I do it...because I LOVE MY KIDS!

So to all the Super Moms out there...you know who you are...thank you for inspiring and encouraging me to get out of the backseat and into the driver's seat.

Love & Prayers...

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