Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It has been a busy week at the Death House...the weekend flew by and suddenly Monday & Tuesday are also gone. Not to mention that we are headed to Virginia Beach this coming weekend so I am trying to make sure we have clean clothes and get packed for our trip. All of this activity can escalate stress levels, especially mine, which results in short tempers. Tonight was one of those nights that I was just aggravated and cranky.

So now the kids are in bed and all is quiet and I will take some time to reflect on my day and the week so far.

Emma has another loose tooth. Mackenzie is actually using the potty at least a couple of times each day. Logan is....well, Logan is a typical 7-year old boy forced to grow up in house where he is outnumbered by girls. The weather has been spectacular the past few days and we have definitely enjoyed it. Today I also enjoyed the benefits of being able to work from home on occasion. It is nice to go and sit outside and play with your kids when you need a break from the office.

Tomorrow starts the downhill speed-race to the weekend. I have to go to Fayetteville, NC (about 2 hours) for work, and then as soon as I get home, Rick will be off to work until 12 or 1 am. We still need to reserve a rental car (our Tahoe does not have legal tags yet...yes I do procrastinate on some things!) for this weekend and pack and clean up the house.

Crazy crazy crazy....

Our garden is coming along nicely...we were a little worried that we planted too early, but the weather has been good and not too cold at night. The herbs are looking great on my back porch and I recently found a big galvanized steel tub that I am going to transplant them too as it is big enough to hold all of them and looks really cool! I have even remembered to water the plants....impressive, I know. Next weekend Rick will be putting a fence around our little garden patch to keep the animals out...I love that we live in an area that we actually have seen deer in the backyard!

Very exciting things happening in our house...but most of all, we are just enjoying the life that God has given us!

Love & Prayers...

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